(Feb. 6, 1945-May 11, 1981)
"One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" -Marley


Bob Marley, born Robert Nesta Marley, lived in a small village called Nine Miles. It was in this rural community Bob picked up his first guitar. He then moved to Kingston, Jamaica to a small section called Trench town. It was here that Bob began his music career. He tried to be a solo artist but that did not work out, so he formed a group with a couple of friends called The Wailers. Bob and the Wailers, who changed name and format a couple of times, experienced success and sold over 20 million units. The music he made speaks to your soul and emits his ideals of love, happiness, and peace worldwide. Bob's popularity in his native land allowed him to be a voice on the political scene. Bob stressed freedom of oppression and happiness for all. The People's National Party's, PNP, rivals were not happy that Bob had such an influence on the people of Jamaica, so much so that there was an attempt on his life. He performed a concert the next day and made sure to express his values of love and happiness. At his next concert, the One Love Peace concert, Bob was able to get the Prime Minister of the PNP and his rival leader of the JLP to shake hands on stage. This showed that Bob, with the influence of his music, was able to bring a political asylum to his people. Bob received countless awards and medals because of his desire to bring the political conflict in Jamaica to an end. He died at the age of 36 due to cancer. We never know how much more of an influence he would have been. Bob Marley is not a leader because he was the lead singer of a band but, because he was able to lead a people at the same time.

Challenge Discussion

Bob Marley was known worldwide for his music and his message. His practice of writing music helped him deal and cope with the cultural ills of his time. He wrote many songs that expressed his values of love, peace, and happiness for all. Songs like "One Love", "Three Little Birds", and "The Redemption Song" are cries for these virtues of his. Bob was the greatest reggae artist of his time. He showed his standard of excellence in the many awards he won and the many concerts he sold out. He was so good and so able to move people through his music that he was not liked by all. His music could speak to those who were going through the things that he did and wanted the things that he did, but those who did not thought his music was threatening. It was said that God would make music for all people to enjoy, one that would bring them together, and Bob Marley did his best to make sure that music was reggae. In every one of his songs he expresses some type of theme that anyone could connect with. In the music business this is one of the main things an artist needs to be able to do in order to be successful, and Bob did that.

Bob Marley's marijuana use was not just recreational. He was a Rastafarian, a religion that stressed happiness for all and who thought that smoking would help ascend them to a higher more personal level with their lord. This is a practice that is looked down upon in today’s world because of its effects. Therefore, Bob was also looked down upon for his activities but, that did not stop him from doing it. Bob did not just smoke to get high; he smoked because it helped him make his message as clear as he wanted it to be.

He fought against poverty, and for peace, and acceptance. Bob was born to a white father and a black mother making him mixed, which was not accepted in Jamaica at the time. He was looked at as a lesser being and often called a "half-caste" because of his background. When he was five his father left him and his mother and started a new family. This hurt Bob a lot, so much that he wrote a song, "cornerstone". In this song he talks about his father rejecting him and how he would become the face of the name. This song spoke to the cultural ill of acceptance. Bob was not the only Half-caste on the island so he spoke for all those who were treated differently because they were not full Jamaican. Another cultural ill he was opposing was poverty. Before he became a top selling artist he was a poor boy in a poor family. He has seen the worst of the worst. He moved from nine miles a rural town to trench town which was not much better. It was one of the poorest sections of Kingston. Bob believed that no one should have to go through that. Everyone should be able to live a comfortable and equal life in the eyes of Bob. Moving on to the issue of peace which was a big cultural ill in Jamaica. Two political parties the PNP and JLP were at odds with each other wanting different things for the island of Jamaica after it had won its independence from Britain.
Bob was able; after countless meetings with these leaders, to have them talk there problems out and come to agreement that would benefit the people. Legend Album

Virtue Discussion

There are three virtues that I think Bob exhibited in life and through his music:
Courage- Bob showed a lot of courage after an attempt on his life was made before he was supposed to perform at a venue the next day. He ended up doing the whole concert. This shows courage to me because another attempt could have been made to kill him, but, by going up on stage, he showed that he did not care and that takes a lot of courage.
Loving Kindness- Bob expressed this virtue throughout his whole music career. Bob Marley had love for everyone even those who did not love him. He would often take into consideration the feelings of those around him so that he would never upset them. His Rasta religion helped shape him into this kind-hearted and loving person that you hear.
Perseverance- Bob Marley did not become a huge million record selling artist right out of the gate. He tried to have his own solo career but it never got off the ground. He could have quit right there but, he did not. This is perseverance at its best and now we have one of the greatest reggae artists to read about now.

Choice-Worthy Good

Bob Marley's choice worthy good has to be his decision to continue to make the music he did after so many did not approve of it. If he had stopped a lot of the peace that Jamaica experienced would not have been. He made a choice for the people; for his people. I believe that Bob made this choice because he knew that his message had to be heard and would be good for the people who heard it. After an attempt had been made on his life before a concert he could have choose to stop playing music for a while but he did not continuing to share his excellence with all who would take a listen. He knew that his life style and virtues would meet some opposition along the way but, that did not stop him from pushing back. By doing the concert he showed his attackers that they could not stop him or his message. The People needed to hear and Bob was going to be the one to give it to them no matter how many gunmen came for him. His voice was too big to silence and that is why his choice was a good one.
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